Drawing in his 30 years of experience, Carlus Padrissa, founding member of La Fura dels Baus has conceived an intense CARMINA BURANA where the spectator is submerged in the universe of La Fura dels Baus through striking imagery, special effects and even spring fragrances.

On stage, a huge cylinder covered in tulle, some ten meters in diameter, literally surrounds the orchestra and acts as a cinema screen, while images projected on it illustrate the work from start to finish. A giant moon, a thaw, waterfalls, a floral ecstasy, real grape-picking, wine, water and fire… CARMINA BURANA by La Fura dels Baus is music and theatre, a show for the senses, vital and energetic that it has been already attended by more of 200.000 spectators in Europe, Asia and America.

La Fura has creatred a strong show that is sure to be on Tour for a long time

El País

Audience awarded la Fura’s Carmina Burana with seven minutes of standing ovation

EFE. Festival de Granada

Wonderful ending of the Festival. Amazing Carmina Burana

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